Wine and Food Itineraries


1) Sentiero Natura San Marcello (Montorso)

2) Percorso escursionistico “Mario Filotto” C.A.I. Montebello

3) Sentiero attrezzato “Antonio Ponato” C.A.I.Montebello Vi

 Sentiero Natura San Marcello (Montorso): 

A simple excursion, sometimes through the wood, with panoramic views. This itinerary is characterized by volcanic Stones, called "Sasso Moro", which are utilized constructing houses, many of them entirely safe

Lenght: 6 Km ca. –  Duration: 2 h ca. –  Departure and destination : Ponte Cocco's square (formerly elementary school-pizzeria)

Description of the itinerary: After a steep start on a normal road, you have to climb gradually into the slope walking at first throught a road and then throught a dirt road.
The itinerary develops between thick Woods full of water and open shields, as far as the arrive to the "Omo morto" gorge, whence you'll ghet the asphalt. After "Agriturismo al Pozzo" you take the road that guide you to the church of San Marcello. From here, through the wood and after a short break at Rustico Biasolo, you reach again the main road that is connected with the starting point.


Percorso escursionistico “Mario Filotto” C.A.I. Montebello:

Panoramic itinerary with roads that start to go up. It is possible a connection with the itinerary "Antonio Ponato"

,Lenght: 5 Km ca. – Duration: 2 h circa – Departure: Italia square, Montebello (VI) - Destination: Agugliana, suburb of Montebello (VI).

Description of the itinerary: from the car park of IV November Monument, you continue throught Gen. Vaccari street to Piazza Italia, where starts the signed itinerary. Take Castello street behind the town hall and continue going up as far as you arrive to San Francesco street. Turn right and continue going up. On the right side at first you can see Villa MIari and then, at the top of the hill, Maltraverso Castle, that dominate the village. Arrived to the fork, take Cà del lupo street on the right side. Pass the intersection with Perosa street and go down to via Boccara where you'll leave the asphalt to take an itinerary well signed. Go through vineyards to Contrà Dal Maso and Contrà Bertola. Proceed walking on a normal road up to the cemetery's car park at the feet of the hill and from here enter in the itinerary that goes up in the wood. Passed the three hairpin bends you'll arrive to a parking area between green olive trees. Proceed through the itinerary as far as to leave the wood to reach Contrà Guarda, from here, continuing in the direction of the church, you'll arrive at the small centre of Agugliana.

Sentiero attrezzato “Antonio Ponato” C.A.I.Montebello Vi:

Difficult itinerary for climbers, it is possible a connection with the itinerary "Mario Filotto"

Lenght: 3,5 Km ca. – Duration: 2 h ca. – Departure: Marconi square, Gambellara Vi – Destination: Agugliana, suburb of Montebello Vi

Description: of the itinerary : From the car park of Marconi square, go up through Capo di sopra street. Arrived at Ponte dei Gnogni take Grisi street on the right side where, at the second fork on the right, is situated the sign which underlines the start of the itinerary. Continue through it finding a comfortable park area and then, continuing on the bed of the torrent, three stairs full of equipement. Passed these, you'll arrive to a wood with acacias and old chestnuts. Reached the asphalted road, turn right and continue as far asyou'll reach the small centre of Agugliana, suburb of Montebello Vic.